July 17, 2011

A flocking good response

Hey Sera,

So today we were free as a bird and aswe had to go into town anyway we thought we'd kill two birds with one stone and see your show - so we went to SAM's place to cast an eagle eye over Flocked but got lost in the museum - which was hawkward and left us in a bit of a flap! So instead of chickening out we flocked to the front desk to ask a nice security guard who gave us a birds eye view map of the place. We weren't far off as the crow flies but had to waddle up the stairs - poor Simon struggled as he is pigeon toed. But we didn't fowl it up the second time and finally found the right place (although we had to duck down to see the bottom drawer).

So from two birds of a feather, rad show cousin! Really loved the work - you'll be heron from me about it again.

Have a happy holiday
Love Jules and Simon

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